Smart Menstrual Cup Distribution Program

Cervical cancer is one of the most common among women along with breast and lung cancer.

More than a quarter of the world's cervical cancer patients are from India, far more than would be expected. This phenomenon is often attributed to the poor sanitary environment. According to a recent BBC report, as many as 90% of women in rural India use homemade cloth as a menstrual pad, as opposed to commercial sanitary products. Analyzing used menstrual pads, researchers in
India detected the presence of human papilloma virus (HPV), which can cause cervical cancer. By providing these women with menstrual cups, which are more hygienic and environmentally-friendly than menstrual pads, their quality of life would improve.

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LOONLAB has come up with a solution to help women who are unable afford normal sanitary equipment.

To promote women’s health among the underprivileged, LOONLAB has prepared a program to distribute LOON CUP to those women in need of sanitary equipment. The users, who continuously record their menstrual data, will be able to check their menstrual condition regularly, which can help early detection of gynecologic diseases.

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The menstrual data that is recorded by LOON CUP will be used with user’s consent in medical research to find correlations between menstrual blood and gynecologic disorders, which would be a significant breakthrough in women’s health. The LOON CUP recipients would not only benefit from using sanitary products, but also be contributing to medical research for women’s health.

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LOONLAB will launch this program in late 2018 in regions where the help is most needed. We will keep you posted on the progress.