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Think differently about your period.


LOONLAB is a tech and health company focused on health products for women.

Our staff include PhD researchers, programmers, product and graphic designers, marketers and a special entrepreneur.
We aim on improving women's comfort during their period as well as their overall health.



Our innovative products have won several prestigious awards.

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CES Innovation
Awards 2019

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Ergonomic Design Award 2018
Best Innovation Award

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Innovation By Design Awards 2016
Health Finalists


Thank you media

Media coverage: over 100 media outlets covered LOONCUP's campaign.






A healthy period is vital for women, and can provide medical information. LOON CUP gives valuable insight into women's health by quantitively measuring menstruation data. Volume, colour, cycle and core temperature are automatically measured and tracked, enabling women to gain a better insight into their health.



Press kit
- Leona press kit

LEONA focuses on improving women's comfort during menstruation. LEONA CUP not only provides period protection but also an ingenious solution for reducing discomfort. We hope this innovation will encourage women to demand better menstrual care and have a better period.